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How To Overcome Enterprise Mobility Challenges?
19.03.2016 17:26

Enterprise Application Development is a great chance for organizational transformation. ‘Anywhere-anytime’ access to important business information and recognition of advantages like better employee satisfaction, customer service, new business opportunity and reduced operating costs are essential drivers to implementing mobility across all industry verticals. All such factors have turned the mobility into a main element of IT infrastructure of enterprise, driving mobile investment and propelling development of the worldwide enterprises mobility market.

However, key challenges of the enterprise mobility – Corporate Data Security, Complexity and Cost, should be addressed. Bring Your Own Device has created grey area for the businesses about separation of personal and company information. Implementing lots of applications and software across the board in order that all devices work together seamlessly is another big challenge. Security, fragmentation of devices, remote access to the tools such as CRM on mobile device, etc., are all elements of bigger challenges.

It is clear there are lots of issues standing there in the path of efficient enterprise application development— right from lack of budget and strategy to inapt infrastructure. As the total number of applications being developed is anticipated to grow, it is going to become worse only.
Applications have the chance to increase productivity, improve employee satisfaction, and create revenue streams. Hence, the procedure using which they are created should be given appropriate attention. Here are the things that will help overcome Enterprise Mobility key challenges:

Cloud computing:

For lots of organizations, deploying applications in cloud allows for noteworthy cost savings and improved speed to market. Using the cloud during application development can be advantageous during parallel branch development or prototyping. It’s imperative to remember, however that some applications are not appropriate for development in cloud—it does not work like always in real world.

Centralize app development:

Creating applications in silos—enabling functions or product lines to lead their application development projects—can result in inefficiency. Lots of mobile leaders today have admitted that such product groups guide their own projects separately. However, centralizing app development through enterprise IT has lots of benefits. Most considerably, it helps in deciding the main phases of app lifecycle process—like development, testing, and even deployment—which means most excellent practices can be set up, repeated and enhanced upon with every application.

Identify organization-wide objectives for mobile:

CIOs should balance continuous pressure from all the sides of the company. Before embarking on any new plan, there are numerous factors to think about. For instance, which mobile project will best support your corporate objectives? Where does enterprise mobility fit well into IT? How will sensitive data be protected? How are projects prioritized? Creating a strategical plan means defining company-wide priorities for mobiles, and how the initiatives will be planned, deployed and managed. Eventually, determining how such strategies and goals will develop and grow.

Stick to your main competencies:

A few businesses are specialists at mobile infrastructure; however, the big majority isn’t. With all moving players and parts in mobiles development, it is important to discover partners who are specialists in the areas you aren’t. If you cannot overcome these problems in-house, assess provider options and locate a partner who fits your exclusive needs and will assist you stay updated. Negotiate the terms and contract —and leave feature upgrades, uptime and scalability to a good platform company who specialize in these areas.

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